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[scene] "Starts with J...ends in E..."

Characters: Manny & Darcy
Summary: Manny offers her words of wisdom.

Manny paced Darcy's front stoop impatiently; she had decided to ambush her best friend, it felt like forever since they had hung out together.
Darcy quickly treaded down the stairs when she heard the doorbell go off.  She was the only one home, for a change, and had no idea who could be at the door.  She opened it up and popped her head around, eyes widening in surprise when she realised who it was.

"Manny! What are you doing here?" she asked, unable to hide her smile.

"Being Social" Manny said ruefully; stepping up to throw her arms around her friend. "Apparently it's the done thing - I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!"

Darcy hugged her friend tightly before stepping back into the house to let Manny in.  "I know, I know, I feel like I've been grounded for weeks, even though my parents say my 'punishment' is over.  They're still keeping me on a super short leash..." she replied, leaving out the details of her frequent sneaking around behing her parents' backs for the time being. 

"What have you been up to, anyway?"

Manny made a face; her nose scrunching a little. What had she been up to exactly? Between her parents and school; her life was pretty much boring. "Oh you know, neglecting my friends...spending lonely lonely nights"

She grinned; sinking into the couch, and tugging on Darcy's skirt to make her join. "I have no gossip.. you however, I'm sure have plenty!" she said her eyes lighting up. "Starts with J...ends in E..."

Darcy flushed a deep crimson as she fell into the couch beside Manny.  She drew her knees up to her chest and rested her chin upon them while she hugged her legs.  Darcy was surprised to find she couldn't quite bring herself to look her best friend in the eye.  Obviously, Manny knew there was something going on between she and Jane; she had even seen the two kissing.  Yet why couldn't she tell Manny everything else that had been going recently?

"Oh, you know..." she faltered.  "We've just been hanging out a bit and stuff..."

Dammit, Darcy, she mentally scolded herself. This is your best friend, the one person you shouldn't have to keep secrets from!

Manny's brow furrowed. "Hanging out a bit and stuff?" She wiggled her toes; touching them to Darcy's.
"...I'm thinking more stuff.... then hanging out, am I right?" she teased.

Darcy blushed even more red, if it was possible, and rested her feet on top of Manny's.  "I..  I guess so, yeah?" she said in a secretive whisper.  A shy smile was tugging at her lips, but she fought it back.  "She's... different, you know? In a good way, I mean.  I just don't know what's going on with us.  Or if there's even an us for stuff to go on with.  Does that make sense?"

A small smile crept across Manny's lips; it was beyond strange to see her friend all crushed out. Even stranger that it was with a girl.
"Well I think it's great" she declared; her smile forming into a huge grin. "I like Jane.. and I like you, and I'm glad that everything is so far on the happy train."

"I wouldn't be so quick to jump on that so-called happy train!"  Darcy laughed.  Although it was true that she enjoyed spending time with Jane, there was no denying that at times they did not get along at all and caused Darcy to wonder what, if anything at all, she saw in Jane in the first place.  "You probably heard about what Mia did, right?" she added, bitterly.

Manny looked up; Mia? She was so far out of the loop.

"What did Mia do?" she asked patiently. Darcy had never been a big Mia fan. Like ever.

"After I so graciously allowed her onto the Spirit Squad--" Darcy paused for a moment, before deciding to fry that fish later, "--she turned around and announced in front of everyone there that Jane and I... that we're dating.  Which is so not true."

Darcy paused to take a breath and to consider just how much she wanted to reveal to her.  There was no denying she was desperate to talk to someone about what had been going on with her and Jane, and as her best friend, Manny was the obvious choice.  This was it.  Time to get everything off her chest.

"Look, yeah, me and Jane, we... we've been messing around, I guess, okay?" she finally admitted, eyes glistening with tears she wasn't sure why she was about to shed.

Instinctively; all thoughts flew out of her head as she saw the other girl's eyes. Manny shifted closer to Darcy; her hand reaching out to cover her friend's.
"It's okay" she said quietly; urging her to continue. It seemed as if she needed to. "You can trust me Darc"

 Darcy stared down at Manny's fingers covering her own, before lacing them together.  "Yeah, I thought I could trust Jane, too..." she said quietly, lifting her eyes again to meet Manny's.  "We um, we did... it... and somehow Mia found out.  Jane swears she didn't tell anyone, but how does someone just figure that out?!"

She looked down at her left hand; the abstinence ring she had once worn so proudly and self-righteously had never been returned to her finger since the night Jane had so lascviously removed it.  Maybe it was more obvious than she had let herself believe?

"It took a lot for me to open myself up to Jane like that.  It was important to me and I wanted it to be something special that I could share with just her.  That's a part of me that only she can have and I can never get it back, and Mia blows right in and ruins it.  And I just don't know if I believe Jane when she says she didn't say anything to her about it."  She paused again, this time letting a small smile grace her lips.  "She sure is working hard to make it up to me though."

She sat still; silently taking in all the information Darcy was giving her. "Wow" was all she could manage after a few minutes.

"That's kind of really exciting Darcy... I mean despite the Mia stuff...." she looked into her friend's eyes and gently touched her shoulders, shaking her gently. "You lost your virginity, thats a huge deal...and its okay to be excited by that - at least a little... you shouldn't feel ashamed"
Two tears slid down Darcy's cheeks.  "I'm not ashamed, exactly," she replied.  "I just wish I understood what the hell was going on, you know?  Not just with me and Jane.  But with me in general.  I didn't just lose my virginity, Manny.  I lost it to a girl."

Manny took a deep breath; "Okay, but maybe you shouldn't think of it like that.. maybe you should think of it like... you lost it to Jane" she said determinedly. "Who yes, is a girl but who you liked, and you felt safe with.. and who wasn't using you"

"I know its confusing" she said resting her head on her friend's shoulder; gently moving her long chestnut locks so they didn't get caught. "...but sometimes I think we're all bisexuals in this life you know? Just trying to find someone who we connect with.. who we can love? Why should it matter whether they have a dick or not?"

Darcy sat in silence for a moment, trying to digest what Manny had just told her.  Maybe she was right; maybe it didn't matter that Jane was a girl, maybe it really did only matter that Jane was Jane.  After all, she had long since come to realisation that it was Jane the person who intrigued her.  The fact that she was also a girl was mostly incidental in the grand scheme of things, despite what her family or her faith or even the world as a whole might have to say.

"I guess you're right about that," Darcy nodded, smiling over at her friend.  "It <i>is</i> confusing though.  I don't want to say I'm gay or straight or bi or... I don't know, anything at all.  Because I don't know.  I just know... I just know I really like that girl a lot, and that scares me."

Manny smiled; and nodded, pulling Darcy in for a long hug. "Well I tell you what?" she pulled back gently and  looked into the other girl's eyes. "How bout I promise that no matter what happens? With Jane? With everything?"

"I'll be scared with you... then maybe you'll feel a little less alone?"

Darcy hugged her friend tightly and sniffled a little.  "Thanks, Manny.  You're the best, you know that, right?"

"Pretty much yeah" Manny joked; a perfect smile, lighting up her features. "You're pretty cool yourself Miss Edwards"

yep its true.
we're aw worthy.
we so are



May. 17th, 2008 09:48 pm (UTC)
*barfs a little from the cuteness*

seriously though, that was awesome and a very pleasant distraction from my studies this afternoon. gracias.


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