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Characters: Ellie, Jane
Summary: Jane convinces Ellie to ditch work.

The tiny bell over the door dinged again, and Ellie looked up in hopes that it was someone she actually cared about. Upon seeing another wave of annoying Degrassi freshmen that would order a hundred sugary coffee drinks that Ellie felt should not be served in a coffee shop on principle, she sighed and returned to pouring the new bag of coffee beans into the grinder.

She was happy for the job, no doubt, but she'd known when she'd gone in that it would be torture having to sit there and listen to the drama and chatter of the loitering high school kids. She was just glad that The Dot had a fairly decent uniform. Leaning tiredly against the counter, Ellie waited for the newcomers to place their order.

Glancing in the window before pushing the front door open, Jane walked into the Dot in search of Ellie. She'd tentatively made plans to hang out with her tonight, but didn't realize until later that she didn't ask for her phone number to really set anything up. She was always forgetting the finer details like that, but fortunately, she did remember that Ellie worked at the Dot and as much as she tried not to go there – especially when it wasn't even a school night – she figured it was a good possibility that she'd be able to find her there. And as luck would have it, she was right.

She spotted Ellie standing behind the counter, looking especially bored and annoyed with her customers. Not that she could blame her. Ellie looked like she needed a night out more than Jane and lucky for her, Jane was more than willing to accommodate in cheering her up because the weekend had finally arrived and after the week she'd had, Jane was beyond thrilled about having a fresh start.

Instead of waiting patiently in line behind the younger, talkative customers, Jane walked over to the side counter so that she could grab Ellie's attention the next time she walked by to drop off a new batch of coffees and lattes for her waiting customers.

Three non-fat, no whip mocha lattes, two iced vanilla chais, and one raspberry green tea with honey later and Ellie was ready to load up her tray and take it over to the obnoxiously loud table. Knowing that she wasn't nearly coordinated to balance the tray on one hand, she held it in both and maneuvered her way around the counter, walking painfully slow to avoid both spilling the drinks that she really didn't want to have to clean up and then remake, and having to associate with the frilly teenage girls any sooner than necessary.

"You looked like you were about to drop something there for a second," Jane teased when Ellie returned to the counter. "Rough day?"

Ellie skidded to a halt, having almost completely walked past Jane without realizing she was there. She grinned at Jane's question.

"I had perfect control of my order, thank you very much," she replied with a small grin. "And you know, you really can't ask me that question without pulling out a lighter and offering to light up my cigarette."

"Ah, but I'm pretty sure smoking is not allowed at the Dot so I guess you're out of luck," she answered, leaning over the counter. "So how much longer do you have to slave away at this place?"

Sighing somewhat dramatically, Ellie looked at the clock. It was about two hours before her shift ended. She wasn't quite sure she'd be able to handle it that much longer.

"Two hours. As in, I'll be dead before I get out of here," she said dully, refilling the napkin holder as she did so. "Sorry, I hadn't really planned on this when we made plans. I can offer you some caffeine to make up for it though," she offered with a weak smile.

"You could, but I have a better idea," Jane started with a curious smile. "There is a street festival only blocks away from here. All of your customers are going to end up there anyway so why not shut down early and come with me?" If she could get Darcy to skip out early on detention, surely she could get Ellie to cut out of her shift at work. It wasn't like she was the only person working anyway.

While even the idea of a street fair was more appealing to Ellie than staying here at this point (street fairs always made for semi-decent articles), she knew she couldn't bring herself to skip out on her shift early, especially not so soon after starting the job. She grimaced slightly.

"I wish I could, but... I can't. There's no way I can skip out this early without an excuse," she said regretfully. "Besides, street fairs. I mean, there's always going to be another one, right?" Even Ellie knew that this wasn't a convincing argument. It was obvious she wanted to go.

"Maybe, but who knows when that will be and I need a caramel apple now. Besides, didn't you say you were a writer?" she asked raising an eyebrow. "I'm willing to bet that you can come up with an excuse at the drop of a hat when there's another caramel apple out there with your name on it."

Ellie snorted. "You're enticing me with food?" Still, the prospect of cotton candy and other sweets that she most certainly could not get at The Dot were becoming increasingly more appealing. Ellie bit her lip for several moments, looking at Jane speculatively. "Maybe I can think of something. Come with me."

She grabbed Jane's arm and dragged her behind the counter to where a tall lanky guy with shaggy brown hair was standing. She smiled up at him apologetically as a preface to what she was about to say. "Hey Greg, I'm really sorry to bother you, but my sister Annie just came and told me that our mom really isn't feeling well and since our dad's still away on duty, we really need to get home and take care of her. Would it be okay if I left now? I'll totally make up for it on my next shift." Ellie did her best impression of the worried daughter, hoping that "Annie" would play along.

Greg looked down at her for a few moments before nodding. "Yeah, sure. Go take care of your mom," he conceded. Ellie sighed in mock gratefulness.

"Thanks so much, Greg. I promise I'll make it up to you," she said sweetly. "Come on Annie, let's hurry. I don't want to leave Mom alone much longer." Ellie grinned at Jane after she'd turned away from her manager, leading them out of The Dot.

"Right," Jane replied, feigning worry so she could convincingly play along as best she could with Ellie even if they didn't even remotely look like sisters.

And while Jane had been more than willing to help out since it meant that Ellie would ditch work to go hang out with her, when Ellie chose the name "Annie" for her, her throat instinctively tightened. She knew there was no way in hell that Ellie would have known that her name was really Anastasia or any variation thereof, but the coincidence was a little unsettling.

"What a pushover," Jane replied once they made their way out onto the sidewalk, relaxing a bit. She was out with Ellie and the girl barely knew a thing about her; there was no reason to be so paranoid. "But somehow I just knew you wouldn't be able to resist a night of junk food and hand made silver jewelry. Who in their right mind wouldn't want that? Not to mention, is it just me or are you also craving bad folk music played by a bunch of nostalgic hippies?" She laughed as they walked down the sidewalk towards the festival celebrating who knows and who cares what.

Ellie laughed; Jane was such a smart ass sometimes. She reached up behind her head and pulled her hair out of its ponytail. Her scalp was starting to hurt. Shaking her head slightly to get her hair to settle normally, Ellie sighed. It was good to be away from work. She couldn't deny that.

"So now that you've got me craving it," she started, "I think our first stop needs to be caramel apples. And after that possibly funnel cakes. And kettle corn! Street fairs always have the best kettle corn."

"I like the way you think, Nash," Jane snickered as they walked up to one of the vendors to stand in line. The mere mentioning of caramel apples again made Jane's mouth start to water; especially since she could see that they were being made fresh. She almost moaned to herself quietly, biting her lower lip as she watched the man behind the counter dip the golden apples into the warm caramel and spinning them slightly so that it would drip off the sides before placing them onto wax paper. The line needed to move faster.

Jane glanced back over at the redhead and snorted quietly. "Hot apron, by the way," she nodded to indicate that Ellie had forgotten to take off her uniform when they’d left the Dot.

Looking down, Ellie realized that she did indeed still have her little green apron tied around her hips. She blushed slightly at her oversight, but then shrugged. "Well there's nothing I can do with it now. Besides, it might come in handy when you start winning me stuffed animals." She stuck her tongue out and stepped forward as another group of people walked away with their apples. Another few minutes and they'd be able to order.

"You're going on the assumption that I would actually be willing to spend my hard earned money on rigged carnival games so that you can have a pink kitty cat. What's in it for me?" Jane asked with a smirk, taking a step forward again and turning her attention to the man behind the counter to order her apple. "They have candy apples too, which do you want?" She asked turning back to Ellie.

"Oh caramel, please. Candy just doesn't cut it when it comes to apples," Ellie replied, mouth practically watering at the sight of them. She took it eagerly from the vendor and reached in her pocket for her money. "And what's in it for you is that you get a very happy carnival date. But no pink kittens. I like sheep."

"Sheep!?" Jane exclaimed, looking over at Ellie as they walked away from the vendor and heading down a side street to look at the various sellers and their mostly hand made art, jewelry, and clothing. "Why sheep? That's…random," she said scrunching her eyebrows.

Ellie frowned, taking a large bite of her apple. "Is there something wrong with sheep?" she asked. "They're cute and fluffy, especially in stuffed animal form. But since I'm guessing they won't have sheep here, I'd settle for a porcupine." She was teasing now, and she shot Jane a small smirk to prove it. Coming here was definitely worth it so far.

Jane snickered. Porcupines? This girl was too cute to be considered legal. "Nothing wrong with sheep. I'll keep a look out for one," she said returning the glance before taking a bite into her apple, letting the warm caramel slightly coat her teeth before licking them clean again. "God these are perfect," she said taking another bite while struggling not to make a mess with the sticky caramel. Not that she cared; carnival food was intended to make messes. "See? Aren't you glad you came up with that whole 'sick mom' excuse so you could bail out of your shift? No one should have to sling coffee on a Friday night."

"Glad, yes," Ellie said dully, suddenly feeling a little bit guilty. The truth was, she could remember having to skip out on a few activities because her mom was "sick," though not physically. After a few moments she shook it off. "You're right, these are amazing. Hey, look, there's a little handmade stand. Let's go see what they have."

Ellie took Jane's free hand and pulled her towards the stand, determined to make up for the momentary lapse of excitement. She examined a small silver ring with an odd purple stone in the middle before moving onto something else.

Following Ellie into the little freestanding shop, Jane wandered around for a bit, taking in all the various rings, pendants, and earrings. She was such a sucker for silver rings in particular, but she was equally determined to not spend her money on more jewelry that she really didn't need. Until of course, a smaller display of body jewelry caught her eye in the corner of the shop. She couldn't stop herself from going over to check them out, knowing that if she did, she would end up wanting something. She turned to Ellie to get her opinion on one of the nose rings, but saw that the girl was already immersed in trying on various rings herself. Smiling, Jane walked over to her and pointed to one of the garnet rings that Ellie had just slipped onto her index finger.

"That one is really unique," she said. "You should get it."

Ellie examined the ring that Jane had pointed at carefully. She did like it quite a bit, and it was fairly cheap. Taking the other rings off of her fingers, she nodded. "Yeah, maybe I will." She held the ring in her hand for safe keeping. "What were you looking at over there? You seemed pretty interested."

She walked with Jane over to the body jewelry stand, looking at the assortment of piercing accessories, some of which actually looked fairly painful. "Oh here, I think you should get this one," she teased, holding up a huge ear gage that looked almost big enough to fit a ping pong ball through.

Jane bust up laughing at Ellie’s suggestion. "I like piercings and all, Ellie, but I'm not crazy," she said putting it back on the display. "But I do kind of like this one," she said pointing to one of the nose rings that was shaped more like a hexagon rather than a ring. "But I don't know. I'm pretty indecisive when it comes to this stuff. I always buy new rings and end up wearing the same few all the time. Pretty boring, I guess," she shrugged.

"I don't know. I think the fact that you have a nose ring at all says that you're not boring. Maybe you should go for it. You might like it," Ellie suggested. "I'm going to go pay for this while you decide. But hurry. We still have a bunch more food to buy and you have to win me a sheep." She went over to the stand to purchase her ring, which she fully intended to wear the rest of the night, and wait for Jane.

Jane shrugged, changing her mind for the umpteenth time and declining to get the nose ring. She knew it would just collect dust in her dresser drawer anyway. Besides, it was the first shop they'd looked at; she was fairly certain something else would catch her attention before the night was out.

"You know what else you should get?" Jane asked, widening her eyes at the girl for a brief moment after she spotted another tent across the sidewalk. "A tattoo," she added, finishing her thought and nodding at Ellie as she pulled her over to an Indian woman drawing henna tattoos onto people's hands. Seeing the stunned look in Ellie's eye, Jane widened her grin. "Oh yes."

"You've got to be kidding," Ellie gaped, looking down at the intricate tattoo currently being drawn. She knew it was fake, that it would come off in a week or so, but just the idea of it was… so not her. And if Marco saw, she'd never hear the end of it. "I really don't think it's a good idea. I mean, where would I get it first of all? And then I'd have to walk around all night worrying about smudging it while it dries." Ellie knew her excuses were weak, and that Jane would probably fight her on this, but she had to protest anyway. It just wouldn't be right if she didn't.

"I'm far from kidding. Just get it on your hand or something. Unless you want it on your lower back?" Jane hesitated, thinking about the idea for just a moment too long while allowing a devious spark to light up her dark eyes. "Now that would be hot," she said tossing the rest of her apple into a nearby garbage can and pleading with Ellie to get the tattoo. "Come on, Nash. Do it and I guarantee you a fluffy sheep…or porcupine."

Ellie rolled her eyes, but bit her lip a moment later in contemplation. What could really be the hurt in it? She didn't really want one on her hand; that would be too… boring, to use Jane's word. Then again, lower back would be a little much. Maybe…

"What about one at the base of my neck? That way I could just put my hair up while it dries. Not that I'm agreeing or anything, cause I'm totally not," she added quickly. At Jane's expression, she bit her lip again. "Okay, find me one that's not completely tacky, and maybe I'll consider it."

"They're all tacky, El; that's not the point," she said, clasping her hands together and turning around to find a simple design that in Ellie's words wasn't "completely tacky." "You have to commemorate this night of patchouli-scented air and indulgent junk food and I think this one," she said pointing to a very simple, circular design with intricate edging, "is perfect."

Raising her eyebrow, Ellie examined the tattoo. It was simple, not obnoxious or even terribly ugly, and once again Ellie reminded herself that it would disappear before too long. Plus, if she didn't like it, her hair would cover it up easily. And, there was the promise of a sheep.

"Okay, I'm in," she agreed finally. "But after this I'm craving funnel cakes." She grinned and told the artist what she wanted, sitting down on the stool. She took out her ponytail holder and tied her hair up in a messy bun so that the woman could do her work.

"That is an excellent plan," Jane replied with a smile.

She was pretty excited that Ellie had given into the idea of getting such a thing penned onto the back of her neck, and damn if it wasn't going to look hot. Jane sat down next to Ellie and looked on as the woman started to press tiny dots and lines onto the back of Ellie's, long, pale neck. So sue her for thinking it, but this girl was hot and mainly because she didn't seem to even know it. And even though Jane was totally convinced that Ellie was entirely unavailable or at the very least straight, a little eye candy never hurt anyone and this piece was one that Jane could quite enjoy hanging out with.

As the woman continued to work while Jane shamelessly looked on, she opened her wallet to pay for Ellie's reluctant tattoo. She'd convinced the girl to walk out on two hours of pay from work so she figured the least she could do was pay for something spontaneous like this on Ellie's behalf.

"What are you doing?" Ellie asked, looking up sharply while at the same time trying very hard to keep her neck still. Jane was pulling out her wallet, and if she was thinking of paying for the tattoo she had another thing coming. This was Ellie's decision, not hers.

At that moment, the woman was ushering Ellie off of the stool, instructing her very sternly not to touch it or let her hair get into it, and to peel the coating off in a few hours after it had dried. Ellie thanked her and reached for her money.

"I was going to just do you a favor, but if you insist on paying for your temporary body modification, I'm not going to get in your way," Jane said laughing and putting her money away. "And it looks great by the way," she added picking up a mirror so that Ellie could see in another standing mirror behind her.

Ellie glanced in the mirror, tilting her head a little so that she could see the tattoo better. It was definitely weird to see it there. Still, she couldn't deny that she kind of liked it. And this outing was supposed to be about having fun for once.

"It's not so bad," Ellie admitted, handing over her money. "Still not enough to convince me to get a real one, but… Okay, now I definitely want funnel cakes."

"You've got your heart dead set on one, don't you?" Jane asked, laughing a bit and following Ellie out of the tent and back on the main drag to locate a vendor with funnel cakes. "So have you been working on any ground-breaking articles lately?"

"Well I'm not really sure how 'groundbreaking' it can get writing for your high school newspaper," Ellie responded, searching eagerly for a funnel cake stand. "But I've had some pretty good ones. I actually just did one on discrimination among students. Covered race, religion, sexual preference. It kind of opened my eyes to how rude some of these people can be. And we're supposed to be adults in high school? Yeah right."

Finally spotting a stand, Ellie jumped in line, practically grinning over the smell of it, despite the fact that her previous statement had been so serious. She couldn't help it. She was a sucker for fried foods.

"You may not think it's groundbreaking, but it might have been for certain students depending on what you found and how it was presented. I'm sorry that I haven't see the article or the paper for that matter, but I'd be interested in reading it if you have an extra copy lying around," Jane replied sincerely. "Degrassi does seem to have its...issues with diversity. Not that Lakehurst didn't," she added, rolling her eyes a bit while turning her attention back to the scent of frying dough and powdered sugar that now permeated the air around them.

A little taken aback by Jane's sudden eagerness, Ellie looked at her strangely. "Uh, yeah, I think I might be able to get you one," she replied. "And as for Degrassi, well… it's high school. I guess we can't expect too much from it, right?"

After ordering their funnel cake, Ellie took a huge bite, nearly sighing at how good it was. She hadn't realized just how much she'd been craving one of these until now. "You know, I just realized that there are a lot of things about you I should know. For instance, what exactly do you like to do with your spare time? I mean, you know I'm a journalist and that I play drums sometimes. And I know that you like music. But other than that, what does Jane VanKeuren do to occupy herself?"

"Uh oh, I'm being interviewed now, aren't I?" Jane asked with a suspicious chuckle.

Despite how absolutely delicious this sugary concoction was, Jane knew it was bound to get all over her if they didn't sit down. Edging Ellie over to a poor excuse of a city park, Jane sat down in the grass and leant up against a large rock behind her and set the funnel cake down so that they could both pick it apart like the famished vultures they were turning out to be.

"Well," Jane said licking a thick coating of sugar from her fingers and wondering to herself where she should even begin with a question like that. "Aside from going to punk rock shows and parties, which are my two favorite forms of distraction, I like art a lot. That takes up a vast majority of my time when I'm not in school."

Ellie raised an eyebrow, eyes following Jane's fingers as the other girl licked them. "Do you draw or paint a lot?" she asked, completely aware that she was being the farthest thing from inconspicuous at the moment, but also entirely unable to tear her eyes away. What in the hell was wrong with her?

"Uh, yeah," Jane replied, licking her lips and swallowing hard when she caught Ellie watching her so intently. She knew what the question was and she had answered her correctly, but Jane was not thinking about artwork in the least with Ellie looking at her like that. She wondered for a moment if she was imagining things or at the very least if she was seeing what she wanted to see. Or maybe Ellie was just having some strange reaction to the ridiculous amounts of sugar coursing through her veins? "Am I covered in powdered sugar or something?" She asked choosing the easy way out by knocking Ellie's knee with the back of her hand and shooting her a nervous smirk as if to bring the girl back from wherever she'd drifted to while blatantly staring at Jane.

Starting suddenly at the nudge, Ellie blushed a little. "Uh, no, sorry. I just kind of drifted off for a minute there." She looked down quickly, nearly smacking herself for staring, and then nearly doing it harder for getting caught. "So you were saying that you like to draw and stuff. What kind of work do you do?"

Nope. She hadn't imagined it. Ellie had definitely been staring at her and now she was trying to get back to some harmless subject to deflect whatever the hell she was thinking about.

Clearing her throat, Jane took another piece from what remained of their funnel cake and ate it a few small bites at a time. "Pop art and neo-surrealist are my two favorite eras so I draw quite a bit of influence from them. But I like graphic, tattoo kind of art too. I use that to make the flyers for bands that I was telling you about when we met at the Dot."

"Awesome," Ellie said cheerfully, stealing the last piece of funnel cake. "I do remember you telling me about that. I'd love to see some of your stuff sometime. If you wouldn't mind, that is." Swallowing the funnel cake, Ellie was finally able to look at Jane again. She licked the remaining sugar off of her fingers before wiping them off on her napkin.

"Oh, be right back," she said quickly, hopping up to throw the plate in the trash. Then she plopped down next to Jane once more. "Anyway, you were just getting ready to tell me that you'd love to show me some of your artwork," she teased, winking.

"Oh was I?" Jane laughed, shaking her head slightly to rid herself of the onslaught of inappropriate thoughts about the cute redhead that was sitting beside her. The wink Ellie flashed at her made her stomach twist into knots that were most definitely not being caused by an overdose of sugar. Biting her lower lip to regain her own confidence as well as to test the waters to see if she wasn't just reading into things, Jane looked back at her to slowly and purposefully take her in. "Tell you what. You find me that article of yours to read and I'll show you some of my artwork. Unlike most people, I have a feeling you might actually like it."

What. The. Hell.

Ellie swallowed hard. She'd been engaging in some harmless flirting, she'd admit, but the way that Jane was looking at her… It took a few moments for her to regain her train of thought again and remember what she was supposed to be agreeing to, even though she was already nodding.

"Yeah, of course. I'll get it to you," she confirmed finally. "And I'm sure I'll love your stuff. My friend Jimmy does a lot of art, so I've got an appreciation for it." She smiled to punctuate this, and once again try to ease what she was sure was a completely obvious lapse of sanity on her part.

"Oh yeah, I know him. He's pretty talented," Jane answered, nodding and internally laughing a bit. "So I think I now owe you a cheap, fluffy stuffed animal, yes? I think I saw pandas, elephants, and ducks at the crossbow game or you can get a lion, weasel-like cretin, or some kind of inbred-looking dog at the balloon darts. No sheep as far as I could tell; sorry. But I have to play a game that requires hand-eye coordination otherwise it will take me all night to win," she laughed, standing up from the ground and dusting herself off a bit.

"You know," Ellie sighed, pushing herself up off of the ground, "I don't mind elephants so much." She linked her arm with Jane's and walked them in the direction of the games. "I'm intrigued to see your skills at the crossbow. See if I have anything to worry about." Even as she said this she had to stifle a yawn, groaning miserably at the fact that she was already crashing.

"Don't get your hopes up. I've never actually played the game; I just think I have a better shot at beating it than racing turtles," she said looking over at her and catching her blinking her eyes a few times. "Your sugar high is failing you already?" she asked, nudging Ellie playfully as they walked back onto the street. "Would you rather have a ride home than a pink elephant?"

"What is with you and the pink tonight?" Ellie yawned. "It's secretly your favorite color, isn't it? It's okay, I won't tell anyone," she teased after she recovered. "And sorry about the yawning. I guess I'm kind of a lightweight tonight." They stopped in front of the crossbow game and Ellie nodded. "Here you go, show me what you got."

"You just drink too much coffee, and coffee makes you crash," Jane said winking at Ellie as she handed the man behind the booth a few dollars for the game.

He handed her a cheap, plastic crossbow that was practically nailed to the booth as if someone would actually want to steal such a piece of crap. Snapping the first of five arrows into place on the bow, Jane laughed at herself; she couldn't believe she'd gotten herself into this. There was no way this arrow that weighed nothing would make it across the aisle and onto the target, let alone onto the microscopic bull's-eye. Lowering her eye to stare down the bridge of the instrument and lining it up as if this would be anything like pool, Jane released the arrow…and it went exactly where she thought it would: into the dirt.

"Awesome," she laughed sarcastically while straightening up to prepare her next attempt with another equally weak arrow.

Ellie snickered, knowing that it was hardly Jane’s fault that the arrow had missed, but finding it funny all the same. She appreciated that Jane was trying anyway. She watched Jane shoot off three more arrows, all with virtually the same amount of success other than the fact that the fourth one had actually hit the target finally.

“Last one, tough stuff. Come on, I have total faith in you. We have to save one of those poor elephants from this horrible place,” Ellie chided.

"Oh well now that I know we're saving the elephants," Jane laughed along with Ellie in good spirit until she caught the man behind the booth shaking his head and snickering to himself. Bad move. Now she was damned determined not to let this old man's rigged carnival game screw her. Drawing back the cheap twine further than she had before and loading up the final arrow, Jane squinted her eyes and aimed far higher than before. She snapped the twine, which sent the arrow forward and thankfully for her pride's sake, the arrow finally stuck to the target and barely within the bull's eye. It wasn't perfect, but it was enough for a prize. "Ha!" She laughed raising her brows at the old man, to spite him.

Eyes widened in surprise, Ellie laughed. “Wow, awesome job. Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to happen.” The old man grudgingly handed her one of the fuzzy pink elephants that she’d pointed to and Ellie stroked it happily. “Thanks,” she said, smiling widely at Jane as they turned away from the stand. “This was a pretty awesome idea, even if I am missing out on two hours of pay. Not that I’m really complaining about that either. I’ll make up for it later.”

“Yeah, I really needed this,” she replied as they made their way towards another shop to browse. Several jewelry shops, a few more games, and a bag of kettle corn later, Jane made her way home for the night; thoroughly pleased to have had one rejuvenating night out without the annoyance of drama.



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