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Characters Mia, Ellie
Summary The girls discuss going back

[17:16] hyperbolicxsoul: Hey
[17:16] hyperbolicxsoul: This is Mia right?
[17:16] babyjonesbaby: oh yeah.. who's this?
[17:17] hyperbolicxsoul: It's Ellie
[17:17] babyjonesbaby: hi!!
[17:17] hyperbolicxsoul: Heh, sorry for being creepy stalkerish, but Jane gave me your screen name
[17:17] hyperbolicxsoul: And I thought I'd say hi
[17:17] babyjonesbaby: lol that's awesome. no problem at all.
[17:18] babyjonesbaby: i have to warn you though, i'm cleaning up my room, and its chaos in here, so i might be kind of spotty with the communication.
[17:19] hyperbolicxsoul: No problem. I'm okay with spotty communication. Speaking of... *cleans off computer screen*
[17:20] babyjonesbaby: that's unintentionally gross, ellie nash.
[17:21] hyperbolicxsoul: Well it was intended to be funny, but I never claim to be a comedian
[17:21] babyjonesbaby: lol i might not be the best audience. when it comes to messes i have to get! down! to! business!
[17:22] hyperbolicxsoul: Guess I'd better keep my distance then
[17:22] hyperbolicxsoul: I wouldn't want to get in the middle of that war
[17:22] babyjonesbaby: that, or hand me the wash rag
[17:23] hyperbolicxsoul: *hands*
[17:23] hyperbolicxsoul: Anyway, how's things?
[17:24] babyjonesbaby: probably not as supercrazy as usual... i mean, i have time to clean!
[17:24] hyperbolicxsoul: I'm not really sure if that's a bonus or not?
[17:30] babyjonesbaby: which is awesome.
[17:33] hyperbolicxsoul: Well that's good, at least
[17:33] hyperbolicxsoul: How's the rockstar in training?
[17:34] babyjonesbaby: hahah she's napping. i doubt i could get anything done if she was up
[17:34] hyperbolicxsoul: Well rock stars tend to have a lot of energy
[17:35] hyperbolicxsoul: You'll thank her some day when she's supporting you with her skillz
[17:36] babyjonesbaby: Yeah I wish.
[17:37] hyperbolicxsoul: Lol
[17:37] hyperbolicxsoul: It was cool to have you guys over, anyway
[17:37] babyjonesbaby: we had a lot of fun.
[17:37] hyperbolicxsoul: I'm glad. You seem like you could use a way to get all of that energy out of her every once in a while
[17:38] babyjonesbaby: I wish i had time/energy to have kids over her age
[17:39] hyperbolicxsoul: Well that's what birthday parties are for, right?
[17:39] hyperbolicxsoul: Does she get along with other kids at daycare?
[17:40] babyjonesbaby: Typically.
[17:40] hyperbolicxsoul: Well that's good at least
[17:41] hyperbolicxsoul: Oh, the rice crispy treats were amazing by the way
[17:41] hyperbolicxsoul: I forgot to tell you to thank your mom for me
[17:41] babyjonesbaby: mom was glad to get those out of the house -- away from her haha
[17:41] hyperbolicxsoul: Lol, they're pretty tempting
[17:41] babyjonesbaby:
[17:42] hyperbolicxsoul: Not to seem nosy, but...
[17:42] hyperbolicxsoul: How are things with you and Jane?
[17:42] babyjonesbaby: I dunno... maybe that's up to her.
[17:43] hyperbolicxsoul: So you haven't really "made up" then?
[17:44] babyjonesbaby: Well. I think we have.
[17:44] babyjonesbaby: It's just sort of. Um. Complicated.
[17:44] hyperbolicxsoul: Ah
[17:44] hyperbolicxsoul: Okay. I won't pry then
[17:47] babyjonesbaby: Its probably best if I don't talk about it. I get in trouble when I talk.
[17:47] hyperbolicxsoul: Yeah, I get that
[17:48] hyperbolicxsoul: Just in the interest of, you know... being friendly like, I wanted to make sure you weren't still beat up about it
[17:48] babyjonesbaby: About Jane?
[17:49] hyperbolicxsoul: Well, about the whole situation I guess
[17:49] hyperbolicxsoul: But yeah, about her in specific too
[17:49] babyjonesbaby: I'm okay. I always am.
[17:50] hyperbolicxsoul: Sounds a little denial-ish
[17:50] hyperbolicxsoul: Not to say that you're not
[17:50] babyjonesbaby: Well OKAY then.
[17:50] hyperbolicxsoul: *sigh*
[17:50] hyperbolicxsoul: I'm sorry
[17:50] babyjonesbaby: You obviously know me better than I know myself.
[17:51] hyperbolicxsoul: That's <i>not</i> what I meant
[17:51] hyperbolicxsoul: Nevermind, I should just leave you to your cleaning
[17:52] babyjonesbaby: No, its fine. Forget it.
[17:52] babyjonesbaby: Sorry I snapped at you.
[17:52] hyperbolicxsoul: It was my fault
[17:52] hyperbolicxsoul: I said I wouldn't pry
[17:53] babyjonesbaby: Don't worry about it.
[17:53] babyjonesbaby: Seriously.
[17:53] hyperbolicxsoul: Yeah, okay
[17:54] babyjonesbaby: What are you up to today?
[17:55] hyperbolicxsoul: Trying to be... relaxed, I guess
[17:55] hyperbolicxsoul: Not worry about school or work
[17:55] hyperbolicxsoul: It's not working out for me so well
[17:55] babyjonesbaby: Oh... sorry about that.
[17:56] babyjonesbaby: Tried pounding out your troubles on the drums?
[17:56] babyjonesbaby: I should tell you, Isabella now uses the dinner table as a drum set. It's quite charming.
[17:56] babyjonesbaby: /sarcasm.
[17:57] hyperbolicxsoul: See, she's a pro already. Any good drummer knows that every solid surface is viable practice space
[17:57] hyperbolicxsoul: But no, no drums today
[17:57] hyperbolicxsoul: I'm in a slouchy mood
[17:58] hyperbolicxsoul: You know what I mean?
[17:58] babyjonesbaby: I guess so. I can get that way. Though it's usually more collaspy or barky
[17:59] hyperbolicxsoul: Lol, I'm not really a barker
[17:59] hyperbolicxsoul: Wow, taken out of context, that statement...
[17:59] babyjonesbaby: lol
[18:02] hyperbolicxsoul: I've actually gotten kind of bored with Rock Band. It's much more amusing to watch the little one play than it is to do it myself
[18:02] babyjonesbaby: I understand that. I could watch her for hours.
[18:03] hyperbolicxsoul: She's definitely a player. I guess I've always been more of a listener
[18:09] babyjonesbaby: oh sorry - i had to go get a sandwich. hard work!
[18:09] babyjonesbaby: that's cool. the world would be nowhere if not for listeners.
[18:11] hyperbolicxsoul: Ha, that's kind of deep Mia Jones
[18:11] hyperbolicxsoul: Don't tell me there's a philosopher somewhere in there?
[18:11] babyjonesbaby: you didn't expect that from me, huh?
[18:11] hyperbolicxsoul: No I'm ashamed to say that I underestimated you
[18:11] hyperbolicxsoul: Won't happen again. Swear.
[18:11] hyperbolicxsoul:
[18:12] babyjonesbaby: notcher average cheerleader, no sir.
[18:12] hyperbolicxsoul: Nope, you're way cooler than pretty much every one I've met
[18:12] babyjonesbaby: that's kind of awesome to hear.
[18:12] babyjonesbaby: and you're kind of awesome ellie. and not just because you said that.
[18:13] hyperbolicxsoul: *sigh* Now I'm definitely blushing
[18:13] hyperbolicxsoul: But thanks.
[18:13] babyjonesbaby: Still slouchy?
[18:13] hyperbolicxsoul: Not quite so much
[18:13] babyjonesbaby: good/
[18:13] hyperbolicxsoul: I kind of figured I wouldn't be if I talked to you
[18:14] hyperbolicxsoul: You've got this pick-me-up affect on me. Kind of weird
[18:15] babyjonesbaby: That's cool. I'm like. Insulin.
[18:15] hyperbolicxsoul: Yeah. Insulin for my diabetic moods
[18:15] hyperbolicxsoul: Guess I'll have to keep you around
[18:15] hyperbolicxsoul: Could be fatal if I don't
[18:16] babyjonesbaby: Wouldn't want that!
[18:19] hyperbolicxsoul: No, generally not
[18:19] babyjonesbaby: lol
[18:20] hyperbolicxsoul: So, um...
[18:20] hyperbolicxsoul: My brain is suddenly at a loss for decent conversation
[18:21] hyperbolicxsoul: I apologize for its inadequacies
[18:21] babyjonesbaby: That's ok. Um... it's not.. inadequate.
[18:21] babyjonesbaby: I don't know why you'd think that.
[18:21] hyperbolicxsoul: Lol, I was kind of joking
[18:21] babyjonesbaby: Oh sorry.
[18:22] hyperbolicxsoul: It's cool
[18:22] hyperbolicxsoul: I've just been feeling a little braindead lately. School and work and overall business.
[18:22] hyperbolicxsoul: Then again, I guess I'm preaching to the choir
[18:23] hyperbolicxsoul: You're crazy busy all the time, being super mom
[18:23] babyjonesbaby: lol you callin me braindead? but yeah. i know exactly what you mean.
[18:24] hyperbolicxsoul: Heh, nope
[18:24] hyperbolicxsoul: Kind of complimenting you in that weird way that I have
[18:24] hyperbolicxsoul: I know I can't seem to get off the subject, I just have no idea how you do it
[18:24] hyperbolicxsoul: It's crazy
[18:25] babyjonesbaby: I don't know *how* I do it either, Ellie. I just do.
[18:25] babyjonesbaby: When you have to, you do.
[18:25] hyperbolicxsoul: Yeah. I guess you do.
[18:26] hyperbolicxsoul: This may seem like a horrible question, but please don't take offense. It's just me being my reporter self.
[18:26] hyperbolicxsoul: But if you could, you know... go back and do it over differently, prevent it or whatever, would you?
[18:27] babyjonesbaby: I try not to think about that, honestly. Because the answer scares me.
[18:28] babyjonesbaby: If I did end up pregnant, I'd keep her.
[18:29] babyjonesbaby: But before that-- yes. I can... from where I am now, I can see what my mom was trying to tell me about the way I was living my life.
[18:29] babyjonesbaby: Not that I don't miss it.
[18:29] babyjonesbaby: It's complicated.
[18:29] babyjonesbaby: like everything.
[18:30] hyperbolicxsoul: Not necessarily regret for what happened then, but maybe just... curiosity as to how it could have turned out if things were different?
[18:31] babyjonesbaby: Yeah. I guess you could put it that way.
[18:32] hyperbolicxsoul: Hm...
[18:32] hyperbolicxsoul: Thanks for humoring me on that one
[18:33] babyjonesbaby: honestly, i'm not sure exactly how i feel. like i said, i try not to think about it.
[18:33] babyjonesbaby: cause we can't go back, you know?
[18:33] hyperbolicxsoul: Yeah.
[18:34] hyperbolicxsoul: Sometimes you just can't help wondering what would happen if you could though
[18:34] hyperbolicxsoul: And no one would really blame you for that
[18:34] babyjonesbaby: do you want to go back?
[18:35] hyperbolicxsoul: Depends on what I'd be changing
[18:35] hyperbolicxsoul: There are some things I wish didn't happen...
[18:35] hyperbolicxsoul: Like my dad going off on that peace keeping mission. I feel like that kind of started... everything
[18:35] babyjonesbaby: but you probably didn't have control over that, did you?
[18:36] babyjonesbaby: even if you went back
[18:36] hyperbolicxsoul: No, but it's not just that.
[18:36] hyperbolicxsoul: Even if I couldn't stop him from going, I should have been able to stop my mom from drowning herself in alcohol every night
[18:37] babyjonesbaby: woah... that's not... that's not your responsibility!
[18:37] hyperbolicxsoul: You sure about that? I promised him I'd look after her
[18:37] hyperbolicxsoul: I didn't do a very good job
[18:37] hyperbolicxsoul: And then, what I did after...
[18:38] babyjonesbaby: I doublt he meant that...
[18:38] hyperbolicxsoul: Things just got so out of control. And I feel like a lot of it was my fault. I know that some of it was
[18:39] babyjonesbaby: :/
[18:39] hyperbolicxsoul: *sigh* Sorry.
[18:39] babyjonesbaby: It's ok.
[18:39] babyjonesbaby: I asked.
[18:40] hyperbolicxsoul: Yeah. I don't talk about this a lot.
[18:40] babyjonesbaby: Sorry...
[18:40] hyperbolicxsoul: No, it's not a sorry thing.
[18:40] hyperbolicxsoul: I let myself get into it.
[18:40] hyperbolicxsoul: And anyway, thanks for listening
[18:41] hyperbolicxsoul: Or reading, as it were
[18:41] babyjonesbaby: anytime
[18:43] hyperbolicxsoul: You're probably getting sick of me interrupting your cleaning
[18:44] babyjonesbaby: No, not at all. its nice to have something to look forward to. cleaning goal!
[18:44] hyperbolicxsoul: Lol, glad to be of service in that case
[18:45] babyjonesbaby: i'll have to tip you later
[18:45] hyperbolicxsoul: Sweet. New side job. Keep Mia occupied while cleaning
[18:45] babyjonesbaby: part part time
[18:46] hyperbolicxsoul: Yep. Something to take up my remaining hour of free time every week
[18:46] hyperbolicxsoul: Not that it's necessarily a bad job
[18:46] babyjonesbaby: hahah mine too. convenient!
[18:47] hyperbolicxsoul: Totally
[18:48] hyperbolicxsoul: How is Spirit Squad, by the way (I swear that's not as abrupt a subject change as it seems)
[18:48] babyjonesbaby: lol well, aside from avoiding darcy as completely as possible.. it seems to be ok. i love finally staking my rightful place.
[18:49] hyperbolicxsoul: Excellent.
[18:49] hyperbolicxsoul: Now I might actually have to come to the next sporting event
[18:50] babyjonesbaby: never pegged you for the cheerleader type, nash...
[18:52] hyperbolicxsoul: Well, it's not something I like to disclose very often
[18:55] babyjonesbaby: its okay, they have support groups for these things.
[18:55] babyjonesbaby: i mean. sorry. i was kidding.
[18:55] hyperbolicxsoul: Lol, it's okay
[18:55] hyperbolicxsoul: I was totally going with it
[18:56] babyjonesbaby: Ok, good.
[18:57] hyperbolicxsoul: You don't have to worry about saying stuff around me, now that I've let you in on that exciting little tidbit from my past
[18:57] hyperbolicxsoul: I'm usually okay most of the time, too
[18:57] babyjonesbaby: Okay, sorry. that's a relief. i'm a bit of a... well, i have trouble holding my tongue. if you hadn't noticed.
[18:58] hyperbolicxsoul: Ha, let's remember the start of this conversation, with me and <i>my</i> runaway tongue.
[18:58] babyjonesbaby: lol
[19:01] babyjonesbaby: we'll say we're even then.
[19:01] hyperbolicxsoul: Deal.
[19:02] babyjonesbaby: ohboy there's bella. hang on.
[19:04] babyjonesbaby: had a nightmare and now on my lap
[19:04] hyperbolicxsoul: Aw, poor thing
[19:04] hyperbolicxsoul: Hey there, kiddo
[19:05] babyjonesbaby: she says hi ellie haha
[19:05] hyperbolicxsoul: Lol
[19:05] hyperbolicxsoul: Sounds like cleaning is out now
[19:05] babyjonesbaby: weve moved to sitting for the moment
[19:05] babyjonesbaby: and cuddling forgotthat
[19:05] hyperbolicxsoul: Not a terrible activity to partake in
[19:06] babyjonesbaby: nope
[19:06] hyperbolicxsoul: Too bad the only cuddling I've been doing lately is with my pillow
[19:06] hyperbolicxsoul: It never seems to hug back
[19:06] hyperbolicxsoul: Lol
[19:07] babyjonesbaby: bella has an offer for any time you need it
[19:07] hyperbolicxsoul: Awesome, just what I was hoping for
[19:13] babyjonesbaby: mafraid i have to help with dinner
[19:13] hyperbolicxsoul: Got it
[19:13] hyperbolicxsoul: Mom's home anyway
[19:14] babyjonesbaby: ttyl
[19:14] hyperbolicxsoul: Yep
[19:14] hyperbolicxsoul: Later Bella
[19:14] babyjonesbaby: haha she says bye



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