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Characters Anya, Darcy
Summary Anya and Darcy literally bump into each other at the mall.

Anya aimlessly walked around the mall going in and out of different stores. She hated have to take her sister places but when her parents didn't feel like it she had to because she had her own car. At this point she had no clue where her sister was. She told her just to go wherever she wanted and call her cell phone when she was done. Anya knew her sister was meeting up with friends and she definitely didn't feel like being around a group of twelve year olds, it was not her idea of fun. She saw the music store and wondered into it, she could definitely use some new CDs.

Darcy was less than thrilled. Her parents had allowed her to go to the mall after church, but only on the condition that she take Claire along with her. There were plenty other, less torturous things that Darcy would have preferred, such as a root canal. Her actual plan had been to call Manny or Jane from the mall and get them to pick her up so they could go elsewhere, but alas, she now had little sister baggage in tow and she was pretty convinced that her parents had made her take Claire along so that Claire could report back any of Darcy's misbehaviour.

For a 10 year old, Claire was especially annoying and Darcy failed to understand how a kid this aggravating could have so many equally aggravating friends, but then she supposed that birds of a feather flock together. In any case, Claire's bratty behaviour was in overdrive this afternoon, and she was dragging Darcy to all kinds of ridiculous stores that Darcy had no interest in. When they walked past the HMV, Darcy finally put her foot down and told Claire they were going a store she wanted to see.

She parked Claire in the Christian music section along with all the Veggie Tales soundtracks, before wandering off in the general direction of the rock music section. She was busy browsing when she accidentally bumped into Anya MacPherson.

"Oh, hey," Darcy gave her a small smile, "sorry about that."

Feeling someone bump into her caused Anya to look up from the CD she was currently looking at. When she looked up she saw Darcy Edwards standing next to her. Anya was kind of off in her own world but shook her head realizing Darcy was apologizing for bumping into her. She gave Darcy a smile.

"Hi. No problem, I was kind of off in my own little world here. I'm such a music freak, when I get into a music store I just kind of zone out. Besides, it's not like you hurt me or anything" Anya laughed.

At least Anya had the refuge of the music store while she was waiting for Vanessa. Music was a big love of Anya's. She loved all types and was always willing to listen to something new. She was a bit shocked to see Darcy in the rock section; Darcy didn't seem the type to listen to rock music.

"Oh really?" Darcy replied, responding to Anya's admission of her love for music. She wondered what Holly J had to say about her wide taste in music; surely the bulk of these bands weren't on the approved list of genres. "I have a friend like that, always gets lost in whatever she's passionate about..." she added, blushing slightly. "So, you here with Holly J? I didn't see her when I came in."

"Uh no. Regardless what people think I'm not always with Holly J. No,today I had the unfortunate pleasure of taking my sister Vanessa to the mall. My parents didn't feel like bringing her so because I have a car, I got stuck with that duty. Yay, what fun. She's off somewhere in the mall with her friends. I was not about to go around the mall with a group of twelve year olds" Anya replied. "And I really don't give a shit what Holly J thinks about the music I listen to. Music is like my haven; no matter what I'm going through I always have my music."

Darcy knitted her eyebrows slightly while Anya talked about Holly J, but commiserated with her on the woes of having a sister to cart around. "At least you're lucky enough to be able to cast your sister off. I'm stuck with mine," she replied, waving her hand in the direction of wherever she'd left Claire for the time being. "When my parents dropped me off at the mall I had no intention of staying here, but they made me bring Claire along with."

Anya winced at poor Darcy being stuck with her sister. "Poor you. My sister and I don't exactly get along so we were in agreement to go separate ways and meet up later. If you don't mind my asking, where'd you plan on going?"

"Oh, anywhere, really!" Darcy replied with a laugh. "I was going to call a couple friends and see if they wanted to grab some lunch or see a movie. I was grounded for a while and my parents still have me on this incredibly short leash, so I don't get to see my friends too much outside of school."

"That really sucks. I never get grounded. My parents don't care much what I do. As long as I don't get arrested or anything like that" Anya rolled her eyes at her parents’ uncaring attitudes.

Darcy sighed. "My parents care too much, and about the wrong things. My dad is a minister so there's always this insane pressure to put on the act of being a perfect Christian family."

Anya gave Darcy a sympathetic smile. "For the most part it's good that my parents don't care so much but sometimes it would be nice if they did. Our parents should meet and rub off on each other maybe they'd end up somewhere in between."

"Doubtful," Darcy snorted. "You should have heard something my mom said to Ms H one time... they are scarily set in their ways."

"I bet you can't wait until you get out of the house. Sounds awful being on such a short leash. Tonight I'm going to a party at Toronto U. My older brother Jacob goes there and he invited me. My parents know I'll drink and they don't care they just said to make sure I stay at Jacob's apartment and don't drive home."

"For sure," Darcy nodded resolutely. "But with my luck, I probably won't be allowed to move out until I get married or something. I'm telling you, they're completely crazy. But tell me more about where you're going tonight?" Darcy's ears had certainly perked up at the mention of this college party.

"I feel so sorry for you. I'm so glad my parents aren't like that I would go nuts! Oh, would you like to come to the party? You definitely sound like you could use some fun. The parties there are always fun, they're crazy and they always have hot girls..." Anya's eyes widened as she realized what she just said.

Darcy cocked her head to one side and eyed Anya carefully. "Guess you've been talking to Mia then, eh?"

"Mia? What are you talking about?" Anya questioned Darcy looking completely confused.

"Whatever, it doesn't matter anyway." Darcy shook her head and shrugged. "But yeah, a party sounds awesome. Mind if I invite someone else along too? Manny's always up for a good party."

"No, not at all. The more the merrier. Will you two be able to stay at my brother's apartment? I mean we do have a class together so if you need an excuse you can say we have a project and you need to stay at my house to do it" Anya replied wondering why Darcy hadn't asked her why she was talking about hot girls. She bit her lip realizing how close she had come to letting her secret out.

Darcy was not about to even poke the hot girls comment with a ten foot pole. Things with Jane were just starting to get back on track, and she wanted to be comfortable with whatever the hell it was that was going on between them before she even began to entertain the thought of discussing girls with other people.

Anya's idea about working on a project certainly had some merit to it; at least enough that Darcy's parents would probably buy it. She looked around to see if Claire had been in earshot of their conversation, and was highly relieved to see that she wasn't. The fact that she couldn't actually see Claire anywhere didn't seem entirely important at that point in time. "Sure, my parents would probably believe that. Why don't I give you my cell number and you can call me later with the details?"

Relieved that Darcy wasn't bombarding her with questions about the girls comment had Anya smiling. "Yeah, that sounds good. I need to go shopping for a new outfit to wear tonight. I have nothing to wear."

Anya was excited that she would be going to a party tonight with someone other than Holly J. She could definitely use a night of fun without her around bossing her around.

"I'd join you, but with Claire with me, my parents would know exactly where I'm shopping within about ten minutes, and I'd be whisked off to a nunnery or something," Darcy chuckled. She took a little notepad and pen from her purse and jotted down her phone number for Anya. "Here. I should probably get going before Claire starts whining at me... but definitely call me later, okay?"

Anya laughed at Darcy's comment about being put in a nunnery as she reached for the paper Darcy was handing her. "How's eight o'clock sound? We can get ready at my house."

"Perfect," Darcy grinned. There was no way she could escape from her house dressed for a party. "I'll talk to you around 8 then." She said goodbye to Anya and walked off towards where she'd left Claire.

Claire peeked around from behind a spinning rack of mp3 player accessories before ducking behind another row of CDs and hot-tailing it back to the Veggie Tales stuff where Darcy had abandoned her. She had been learning all sorts of things about Darcy's double-life lately, and could barely contain herself for the right moment to tell all these things to her parents.

Anya left the store not long after Darcy to make her way to her favourite clothing store. She needed the perfect outfit for tonight and she needed to find it quickly before Vanessa called her saying she was ready to leave. Biting her lip Anya wondered if it was a good idea inviting Darcy to the party. When she was away from people she knew, she was a completely different person and Darcy would see that person tonight. She shook the thoughts from here head and set out to find an outfit.



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May. 11th, 2008 08:53 pm (UTC)
((Woo! I'm excited! PARTAY!))
May. 11th, 2008 10:49 pm (UTC)
((mia needs to go to a party. :-p))
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