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Admin: new plot!

OOC admin note:

Hi comm! Anyone still out there? I know I've been just as guilty as everyone else, but hey, it's summer now! I have a proposition:

"Another year at Degrassi Community School has come to an end, and Mia's birthday is coming up fast. She sees the opportunity to take a day off her job at the local gas station and loop her mom into babysitting and invite all the girls over for a summertime party. Maybe she'll be able to make up for the awkwardness at the end of the school year. Maybe she'll just be forced to be face to face with Jane and Darcy. Either way - at least something will happen.

She's sent out the invitations by mail. RSVP in this post."

Yeah, yeah. Executive mod decision. It's summer now! Get your summer jobs if you don't have them already.


[scene] "Starts with J...ends in E..."

Characters: Manny & Darcy
Summary: Manny offers her words of wisdom.


Characters: Ellie, Jane
Summary: Jane convinces Ellie to ditch work.

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[admin] news from the front

Some updates you might be interested to know:
[+] As of last night we are without both Anya and Ashley. These characters are now open to applicants. The characters won't have any "mysterious disappearances" but should be handled as if they are just existing in the background.
[+] This has prompted me to go ahead and make the status post. Anyone appearing within the last month on degeydegrassi or the comm's flist (via character journal) is exempt from being cut. However, those missing should let me know your status - if you are working on something, too busy at current, or wishing to drop your character.

Characters needing to report in are:
Manny/actor_girl *active
Emma/emma_nelson2 *active
Alex/chemicalyouth *semi-active
Ashley/fade_to_ash dropped

Characters available at this point are here.
Applications are here.

Characters Mia, Ellie
Summary The girls discuss going back


Characters Anya, Darcy
Summary Anya and Darcy literally bump into each other at the mall.

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[SCENE] Take A Bow

Characters: Anya, Mia
Scene: IM, Anya says too much

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[SCENE] you're distracting me

Characters Darcy, Jane
Summary Jane dodges bullets left, right, and centre... and not only those fired by Darcy.
Katy's note e did the editing for this one, hence all the despicably american spelling ;)

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[im scene] before you learn how to walk

Characters: Mia, Jane (Talking 'bout Darcy!)
Scene: IM convo, making amends.

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[scene] to look you in the eye

Characters: Ellie, Mia, Isabella
Scene: Off to Ellie's house for a round of Rock Band

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Continued in comments.